Why Spectralog?

If you are sampling core, you should consider gathering the relevant reflectance data from that core. Spectralog engineers equipment that collects spectrographic data as well as laser texture, Super-Resolution RGB, and elemental analytics to give a complete and consistent dataset. This dataset is then used for:

  1. Sedimentary texture images
  2. High grade development areas
  3. High resolution lab test surrogates
  4. Resource de-risking
  5. Resource quality assessment and evaluation
  6. Secondary data for advanced geoscience workflows

Some of the feedback we have been getting

These sedimentary texture images are awesome

Seems like a no-brainer. I wish we would have been gathering these data from the beginning

Spectrologs provide the high-resolution insight we need to improve our operations

I like Spectralogs because when my manager asks me why the plant went down, I have more than just a small subset of lab results to look at.

This is great secondary data for my advanced geostatistics work. Finally, a good dataset for upscaling and imputation of my expensive lab tests

For more information or a customized demonstration of the work, please contact us.